Payments can be done by cash or through transference. Payments by cash can only be done when I give a plushy in person. If a plushy is shipped, payments have to be done through transference.


After the order has been made, I will contact you about the final details and the price of the desired plushy. After the plushy is made, I will contact you again. This time a request for payment will be made, and I will ask for the address details for shipment. After I have received the payment, I will send your plushy on its way and e-mail you the track and trace codes.


Prices are dependent on the size and the amount of different colours (for details, see the pages of the different animals). Other than that, there are possible extra costs for shipment. These are for the buyer and will probably be €6,50 per parcel. Did you order more than one plushy? Shipment will cost the same.


It is possible to pick up your plushy or have it delivered by me when you live in or nearby Leiden. In every other case your plushy will be shipped to you. Shipments will be done though PostNL. If you have bad experience with their postal service (that one postman in your neighbourhood that juggles with parcels for example), something else might be thought of.

Any questions about practicalities?

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