How it works

Below, you can find which colours I have at the moment, how the assembly of a plushy works and what the prices of these cute animals are.


A plushy is made up of different parts. The body and head, the arms, the legs, the ears, the nose and the tail. All of these parts can be made in different colours and colour combinations.


The easiest is to make the entire animal in one colour, but you can also choose to have the head and body in one colour and all the other parts in a different colour. You can also choose to have a couple of colours taken together for a part, like they were one yarn.



Safety-eyes or a key-chain  could also be added to your plushy. both options can be added when you order yours.


If you have any other wishes for your plushy, please say so and I will see what can be done.


The price for a plushy is €5,- together with the height of the body in cm.


The costs for eyes or a key-chain are each €1,-


If a significantly more expensive yarn is chosen, some additional costs will be added to the total price.

Available colours

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to colours; if there is yarn in that colour, I can make it. Ad the number of the colour(s) you want to the order, as simple as that.

I have multiple colours available, but if you would like a colour I do not yet have, I can go look for it. At the moment I have the following colours: