Amigurumi plushies by design


Mira Amigurumi is the place to be when you are looking for cute, and beautiful, plushies. They are each crochet by hand and unique in their appearance. Due to their plain design and lack of frills, they are ideal for children, but also as a decorative piece. Characteristic to the design is a lack of eyes, which makes them more elegant and also safer.


You decide how your plushy will look: choose which colours you like best and what size you want. They are ideal for decorative use, as toys or as a gift.


Because I started making these little animals by use of a free pattern, I put links to the patterns on the site; go to Patterns to find them. These patterns have been the basic design for the plushies, but they have outgrown these blueprints. I would heartely invite you to become as ensnared by amigurumi as I have; either through placing an order or by picking up a crocheting hook.


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How it all works

It is all very easy. You choose which animal you want to have, what size you want it to be, and what colours you would like it to be. Thereafter, I will create it for you. For the different options and prices, have a look at the Animal tab above. You can have a look at Creations for inspiration, but do feel free to design your own special plushy.


You could also have a look at the Stock. Here you will find already made plushies which are for sale. Please note, the stock lasts while it lasts. Did you see a design you really liked, but has it already been sold? Let me know which one it was and I'll make a new one in the same style.


Orders can be made at Order. Fill in the form and send it on its way. I will contact you within a couple of days to confirm your order.

Bunny, beige and grey, 38cm

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